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Food plays an important role in our health maintenance. And so does the performance of our organ systems. Our food constitutes of various components, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals are all part of our food intake. All these components are made up of smaller components and our digestive system breaks them down in order to make it eligible for our body to use. Similarly, carbohydrates are composed of smaller units of glucose, and this glucose (also known as sugar) is absorbed in our cells to provide energy. But due to certain abnormalities, the absorption of sugar in our cells ceases and instead gets deposited in our blood which is very injurious and unfavorable to our health. All that you ever wanted to know about diabetes and the risk of heart diseases it brings along is as under:


Diabetes mellitus, generally known as Diabetes, is a disease which has affected nearly millions of people all over the world and is quite common in many different regions of the world. In this disease, the affected person's sugar level is found to be relatively higher. Our pancreas secretes a hormone called Insulin, which enables the glucose in our blood to be absorbed in the cells. But the pancreas of a diabetic person either does not produce enough insulin or completely stops secreting it. It is due to the weak immune system of a person, which gets our protecting body cells into antibodies and they attack the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas leaving the person diabetic. Pre-diabetes can be diagnosed in a person which means to have a slightly higher sugar level but not very high. Diabetes is categorized into two types:

  • Type 1: Type 1 diabetes results in the production of very little or no insulin. Without the secretion of insulin, glucose is not absorbed in the cells and thus sugar gets deposited in your bloodstream and the sugar level increases.
  • Type 2: Whereas in type 2, insulin resistance is observed which means, although insulin is produced, but the body becomes resistant to it and does not use it. The pancreas produces more insulin and eventually, the production stops, due to the high rate of insulin secretion. Sugar level gets high in the blood and diabetes is observed
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Risks of getting diabetes

Diabetes has become a common disease in today's world. Youngsters, adults and old, all are observed to be suffering from this life-long ailment. Due to the high rate of diabetic illness found in people nowadays, the people, not suffering from it might be at risk. These are some of the factors that might put you at the chance of getting diabetes:

Risks For type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is not likely to get cured. Special precautionary measures should be adopted and remedies should be used to save you from such an ordeal disease. Following are the risk factors for getting type “1” diabetes:

  • Genetic Factors: If someone in your family is suffering or has suffered from diabetes, then there is a strong chance that you might do too. Some research shows that diabetic phenomena is deposited in the DNA and thus passes from one generation to another.
  • Environment: If you are going through a viral disease, you must take good care of yourself or your immune system may get disturbed. Which can cause you to suffer from diabetes or other harmful ailments?
  • Auto-Antibodies: When the immune system of a person gets weak, it damages their useful guarding cells, resulting in the lifelong disease of diabetes.
  • Geography: It does matter, where you live. The American, Asian, African regions have a higher rate of diabetes than the other regions of the world. If you live in one of these regions then you might be under the risk.

Risks of getting type 2 Diabetes

Diabetic suffering is really harrowing for people as it is a prolonged and unpleasant experience for them which they have to go through. For Type 2 diabetes, the risks slightly vary, which are as under:

  • Weight: B.i. Being overweight and obese, increases the risk of getting type 2 Diabetes. So in order to reduce the risk, one must stay fit.
  • Inactivity and laziness: Being inactive and lazy results in slow metabolism of the body and may as well make you overweight.
  • Family history: Family history matters a lot. The chance of getting these ailment increases, if anybody in your family is or was diabetic.
  • Age: Age factor matters a lot. The statistic shows that people above the age of 40 suffer more from diabetes than younger people.
  • Gestational Diabetes: Pregnant women in their second trimester are likely to become diabetic. If proper care is not taken, then this may continue even after the childbirth. The child can also get affected by it.
  • High Blood Pressure: Suffering from high blood pressure increases the chances of a person to get diabetic. So, it must be controlled through proper medication and care to avoid a disease like diabetes.
  • Uncontrolled cholesterol: High cholesterol level, brings along many ailment and diseases, and if it is not taken care of can cause you serious illnesses like diabetes.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome: This syndrome is likely to result in bringing various diseases. It attracts diabetes as well and a person suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome has a higher rate of getting diabetes than the normal.


A person maybe is suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes if the following symptoms and indications are observed:

  • Increase in urinary frequency: A diabetic person is most likely to observe frequent urination. This may indicate that you need to get a health checkup soon.
  • Thirst increment: Diabetic patients get thirsty more often as compared to normal and healthy people. Excessive thirst is also called Polydipsia, which maybe is an indication to the high sugar level in your blood.
  • Frequent Hunger: People affected by diabetes are observed to feel excessive hunger. The phenomena of increased hunger are known as Polyphagia. Diabetic patients are advised to carry sugar-free biscuits or snacks, in case they get hungry. Also, if you are noticing these symptoms in yourself, then don't avoid further. Instead, consult a doctor, and go through the diagnosis.
  • The unexplainable loss in weight: If you have witnessed unexplained weight loss by your body, then it may indicate and lead to diabetes. Weakness in limbs might occur due to the weight loss.
  • Irritability: Diabetes is itself an ordeal and equally harrowing disease. Irritability and the annoyed mood is observed in diabetic patients and is considered to be a symptom of diabetic illness.
  • Blurred and unclear vision: Another sign that might get your attention is a blurry or unclear vision.
  • Fatigue: People suffering from diabetes go through fatigue and body pain. Joints may get weak and might hurt due to this reason.
  • Healing mechanism gets slow: The healing of sores, injuries, and burns can get really slow. The healing mechanism gets affected due to a high sugar level in the bloodstream.
  • Frequent sickness: People experiencing frequent sickness, ailments and infections are likely to have developed an increment in their sugar level, and may get diagnosed with diabetes.


Diabetes is a life-long and stressful disease and has certain reasons and causes that give way to a disease like this.

  • Causes of type 1 diabetes:

    The actual cause for type 1 diabetes is not yet known. While it is due to the weakness of the immune system, which causes the protecting cells of our body to attack the insulin-producing cells. It may be due to genetic history or environmental factor. Being overweight is not a cause of type 1 diabetes.

  • Causes of type 2 diabetes:

    In type 2, the cells of our body become resistant to insulin. Being obese or overweight is strongly connected to the cause of type 2 diabetes. Genetic and environmental factors are also counted in the reasons that cause type “2” diabetes.

Diagnosis and tests

Diabetes is an acutely distressing disease and should be diagnosed at the right time. If the diabetic symptoms or indications are observed, one must go for a diagnosis or test immediately.

Following are the tests for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients:

  • A1C test: This test shows the average sugar level in your blood, in the past three months. This will be really helpful as you will get an overview of your sugar level.
  • Blood sugar level test: This indicates the glucose level in your blood.
  • Urinary test: The amount of sugar that your urine contains can be noticed.
  • Ketones in a blood test.
  • Ketones in a urine test.
  • Micro albumin test.

Having one of the above tests is extremely important if any signs of diabetic illness occur. Delaying might result in the rise of other diseases as well.

Preventions and treatments

Although diabetes is a life-long disease and can not be completely cured, but it must be kept in control to avoid high sugar level in blood which might give way to other dangerous diseases. For which some preventions and treatments are carried out to keep the diabetic ailment under control.

  • Losing weight: Being obese and overweight is strongly unhealthy for a diabetic patient. Weight loss should be practiced and should be kept off.
  • Following a healthy diet: A healthy diet plan should be strictly followed in order to stay fit and healthy, Following healthy eating habits along with diet plans will hush away all other ailments and diseases. Consult a nutritionist to organize a healthy diet chart for you. Follow the chart strictly for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise: Jogging, running, walking and exercising will contribute to keeping your sugar level under control. The body metabolism will also function efficiently through physical activities. The more active you be the more chances are there that diseases stay away from you.
  • Say no to smoking: Smoking is extremely injurious and harmful to the health of a person suffering from diabetes. If you are a smoker and are recently diagnosed with diabetes, then you should get some serious help.
  • Visit a health care Centre: Contact a health care provider and ask what you can further do. Ask if the medication should is required and follow only prescribed medicines. Self-medication can be injurious to your health.
  • Herbal cure and Supplements: Many people choose herbal cures or consider taking supplements, as an alternative to other medications and cure.

These preventions should be followed, to make sure that your diabetic condition is being taken care of. Stressing and depressing over the illness can make your condition worse. So, try to endure a stress-free and happy environment.


If a person suffering from diabetes does not pay enough attention to the seriousness of the disease, then he might experience a large number of complications that can cause him harm, leaving a life-long mark. The complications that might occur due to deposition of sugar in blood are:

  • Low blood sugar: The sugar content may vary from time to time leaving the patient weak, frail and sometimes unconscious.
  • The high sugar level in blood: The sugar level in the blood may get very high, which can give rise to many ailments and even blood vessels may get blocked due to it.
  • Nerve damage: The high sugar level may damage your nerves and affect the nervous system. The body correspondence can get affected due to this.
  • Eye damage: The eye vessels may get affected or blocked and the latter will result in retinal damage and can affect vision. It can get worse and conclude in blindness and other eye diseases.
  • Skin problems: Skin problems may occur. Blotches, sores and skin rash are common in diabetic patients. Ointments and lotions should be applied to prevent skin damage.
  • Foot damage: The weakening of joints due to diabetes may result in damaged foot joints and even worse.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: Heart diseases or heart stroke is likely to occur to a person suffering from diabetes. Heart diseases are fatal. Proper care should be taken to prevent you from heart illnesses.
  • Depression: The irritable disease may conclude in leaving the person depressed and moody. Depression is a serious disease which requires psychological counseling and sessions to get cured.
  • Hearing abnormality: Diabetes can even affect the sense of hearing of a person. Hearing impairment is often noticed in diabetic patients.
  • Alzheimer: Diseases with abnormal memory like Alzheimer is likely to develop in a person going through diabetes. This is a serious illness and is also incurable.
  • Reversible coma: Also known as diabetic coma is a serious ailment observed in people going through diabetes; it is not incurable but can affect the consciousness of a person.
  • Chronic kidney disease: The kidneys might get damaged leaving no choice for the person, but to get a kidney transplant.
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Risk for heart diseases

The heart is the pumping machine of our body. It has to be taken special care of. Heart diseases are fatal. Heart strokes can cause imminent death of a person. People suffering from diabetes are frequently observed to develop a heart disease. This is because of the high sugar level in our bloodstream. Due to the increased sugar level, our body vessels and nerves undergo blockage, and thus a cardiovascular ailment gets developed in a diabetic patient. It is strongly observed that the cause of death of a diabetic patient is likely to be a heart stroke or a heart disease. The risk for a cardiovascular disease or stroke can be minimized by managing your sugar level and keeping it under control. A statistics show that most diabetic patients die of heart strokes or heart diseases.

Remedies to save yourself from heart diseases

In order to avoid and ignore heart diseases and to live a healthy life, certain remedial and precautionary measures should be taken. While diabetic patients are observed to develop a heart disease, they can save themselves by taking good care and managing their sugar level.

Following are the preventions to reduce the risk of developing a heart disease.

  • Managing the ABCS:

    The basic and the first prevention that can save you from any dangerous heart diseases to get developed in your body are to manage the ABCs of diabetes:

    • A: A is for the A1C test. An A1C test is different from a normal blood test because it shows your average sugar level for the average sugar level for the former three months. This can play a part to show you an overview of your glucose level. Avoiding sweets and food having high contents of glucose can help you regulate your sugar level.
    • B: B means blood pressure. Blood pressure means the force your blood exerts on the walls of the vessels. If blood pressure increases, along with your sugar level then it might cause a lot of harm to your body and may result in serious physical ailments. Consult a doctor to keep your blood pressure under control.
    • C: C is for Cholesterol. There are two kinds of cholesterols in your body. The bad cholesterol should be kept highly under control in order to avoid further harmful conditions like strokes. Blockage in vessels may occur due to a high level of ‘bad' cholesterol.
    • S: S is for smoking. A smoker must get some help in order to quit smoking, or else it will be very injurious to your body. Resulting in the rise of multiple illnesses. Quitting to smoke can Lowe the chances to amputation, heart ailments, eye diseases etc. Even sugar level and cholesterol level will be maintained as a result of leaving behind this one habit. Blood circulation will improve and as a result, you will be active and lively in performing your tasks.
  • Healthy lifestyle: In order to protect yourself from developing other diseases, one must pursue a healthy and fit lifestyle, in order to attain a physical and healthy balance in your life. This includes good eating habits, taking care of hygiene, exercise etc.
  • Stress management: Managing stress plays a very significant role in safeguarding your body from attaining other heart and mental diseases.
  • Medicines to protect you: Necessary medication must be taken to protect yourself if the condition is getting worse.
  • Health care team: Get yourself a health care team to plan your progress and set goals for your blood, cholesterol, and sugar control.

Factors that increase the risk of heart diseases

There are some factors that can mark an increment in the risk of getting a heart disease, along with the high sugar deposit in our blood. They must be avoided as to get rid of the cardiovascular diseases that might occur. Those factors are given as under:

  • Genetic factor: Genetic factor cannot be avoided and leaves a person helpless. If anybody in your family has a cardiovascular disease, then there is a fair chance that you might do too.
  • Belly fat and Obesity: Obesity and extra belly fat might result in developing a heart disease. Healthy lifestyles must be adopted to avoid it.
  • High blood pressure: Observation of high blood pressure in diabetic patients is another big factor to cause heart problems.

Healthy is a precious gift. The famous saying “Health is wealth” is actually the most magnanimous one. Taking care of your health and developing a healthy routine will be really benevolent to you. A healthy person is able to perform every task perfectly. A healthy person is an asset to his family and even his country. A country showing higher rates of healthy people is likely to be really developed and can progress and prosper in the world. The viral and common diseases of today have widely affected this precious gift of ours. Adoption of a healthy lifestyle is mandatory to us, as to save ourselves from the claws of unhealthy habits and diseases.

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